About Us

A number of years ago our initial first store released concentrating on mobile phone contracts. This was in a competitive market proposing tariffs on a pay as you go service or longer term contracts.From this unassuming early period we have made every effort to go forward and have now expanded within the communications industry to turn out to be better-quality and more improved and even we dreamed imaginable.

Our 2 year trading period in 2007 ended magnificently, we moved on to open our own refurbishing provision take advantage of all of the experience we had added in the preceding years. Our newly gained technical knowledge had grown immensely and so had our confidence to repair, refurbish and rebuild mobile phones and we expected a increasing response for this repair service. Our professionalism and commitment to anyone who buys from us has destined that our business has flourished into us being one of the leading iPhone restoration services in our area.Our principle of continuous improvement has held fast and we aim to remain providing the same standards and commitment that we have presented from the start

In 2012 we had our approved lift-off of our leading store, located near to London. We additionally employed more exceedingly skilled and experienced engineers to our establishment to help us grow. ihonefixcamberley.co.uk offer all repairs for iPad and iPods, at the same time as still concentrating in mobile phones.Our organisation continues to go from strength to strength and we realise this by providing customers the calmness they want concerning their iPhones from end to end. We are a trustworthy, in the know and professionally trained team of people.

In addition to all this we have now moved on to we serve as an outsource for a multitude of other vendors in the resident and wider area, proposing out-of-house service. Some of our B2B includes; GAME, Woking, T Mobile, Woking, Fonehouse, Woking, Apple Repairs London and O2, Woking., in 2009 we started to move our business further afield an started trading internationally with an engaging d website and our online business lasts. We are hopeful that we will carry on providing our customers with top quality products and services.